The Benefits of Porous Pavement

 Porous pavements are simply hard surfaces that are created with small rock (aggregate) that has been sifted of its fine particles. This creates an empty air space (void) between the aggregates. Rainfall or surface water that comes into contact with the pavement quickly drops straight down and through the pavement into the subgrade, allowing the water to infiltrate into the underlying soils. The Low Impact Development (LID) approach best emulates the historic stormwater behavior of the drainage basin, which would be rainfall infiltrating into soil where it falls.


Porous pavement significantly reduces stormwater infrastructure costs associated with piping, catch basins and detention structures creating more usable space at the site by lessening or even eliminating the need for a stormwater detention facility, and creating a “Green” development. The latter is a buzzword that indicates the developer’s interest in protecting the environment by opting for design choices that have a lesser or beneficial impact to the natural ecosystem. Porous pavement mixes are available in both concrete and asphalt, and typically cost about 10% to 15% more than traditional pavements. As these surfaces become more widely used the cost should equal out to the cost of standard pavements.


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