The healthcare market features a variety of building types, land requirements, site designs, and neighborhood and municipal planning and communication.

Harmsen understands the unique needs of our health care sector clients. Our experience lies in the following healthcare related businesses for both profit, and non-profit entities:

  • Hospital Campus
  • Assisted Living Facilities & Campuses
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Clinics & Clinic Clusters
  • Healing Gardens
  • Wellness Centers/Recreation
  • Fitness Facilities

Harmsen has designed, surveyed, or performed land use planning with these types of facilities. We understand how critical it is for instance to select plants that don’t cause allergies in and around Assisted Living Facilities, or how important a healing garden can be when one needs to reflect, mourn, and even celebrate.

Having well-designed and correctly surveyed grounds that allow easy access, are low maintenance, beautiful, useful, and are designed to specifications such as ADA and Medicare/Medicaid for easy ingress/egress is critical to healing facilities.

The development of health and medical related facilities is critical from a long term cost standpoint. Our Civil Engineers and Landscape Architect are specialists at designing new sites and assessing existing sites to create spaces that result in minimal maintenance, well-designed water-flow and irrigation, and are safe and efficient. All of these issues are taken into consideration to help you effectively manage your site into the future.