Hidden Ridge Residential Development

Monroe, WA

Gallery: Hidden Ridge
Hidden Ridge - Monroe
Hidden Ridge - Monroe

View of some of the homes found in the development.

Hidden Ridge Signage
Hidden Ridge Signage

Sign treatment with landscaping.

Hidden Ridge Water Tower
Hidden Ridge Water Tower

H&AI had to coordinate the project with the municpal water tower on site.

Hidden Ridge Retention Pond
Hidden Ridge Retention Pond

Example of retention pond on site.

Hidden Ridge Drawing
Hidden Ridge Drawing

Rural cluster subdivision drawing section.

Harmsen successfully coordinated a large team composed of a land use attorney, a wetlands consultant, a geo-technical consultant, a traffic consultant, and a drain field designer to make this major development project possible.

By leading a review of the history of the project and identifying major and minor project issues we were able to generate alternatives that resulted in an approvable plan. Major issues involved wetlands, former logging impacts, grading violations, a city water tower, and endangered species regulations.

Harmsen was responsible for

  • Sub division planning
  • Schematic lot layout
  • Preliminary and final plat
  • Preliminary development plan documents
  • Lot layout
  • Area calculations
  • Grading design
  • Drainage analysis
  • Construction staking

Services Provided

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Surveying