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How Much Does a Land Survey Cost?

 Factors Affecting Survey Cost

The cost of a land survey depends upon several factors such as the type of survey required, the type of terrain and vegetation, the availability of record documents and controlling monuments, and whether or not the State will require* that a map be recorded detailing the survey work that was done. If your property is already included in a previously recorded survey or plat, you may only need to have the corner monuments verified or replaced and line points set along the property line to verify the boundary. If you are not sure about your property, Harmsen would welcome the opportunity to do the initial research and give you a free cost estimate.
Choosing the Best Land Surveyor

The competency and experience of a land surveyor should be determined before they are selected to perform the survey work. Ask to see samples of previous work the land surveyor has done. Ask for references and make sure they have a good reputation. You want a surveying company that will stand behind their work in case there is a boundary dispute. More importantly, disputes can be prevented by correctly researched, performed, and documented surveys. You also want to find a survey company that will still be around when and if you need future surveying on your property, as they will be able to use the previous work (which you paid for) as a basis for the additional work. A complete and correct survey that meets your needs and legal requirements may cost more now but will be less expensive in the long run and will add value to your property. 

Harmsen is dedicated to providing land owners with prompt responses and reliable surveying services. Contact us for a free survey consultation of up to 30 minutes with a Professional Land Surveyor.  Give us a call at 360-794-7811 or fill out our online estimate request.

 * The State of Washington requires that a Record of Survey map be recorded with the governing agency (County) within 90 days of the completion of work, when establishing a property boundary, not previously established. RCW 58.09