Parks and recreational sites come in different shapes, sizes, geographies, and operate under a variety of entities, particularly in Washington State.

They are places upon which friendships are forged and communities united.

Each should reflect the personality of the community and the region. Our engineers, landscape architects, and arborists have designed, advised and provided plant selection and Construction Management on a variety of projects.

Some of our experience includes

  • Community Parks & Trails
  • Campus Parks
  • Historic park renovations
  • Saltwater trails
  • Arid desert parks
  • Old growth heavily treed parks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Pool areas
  • Ball fields
  • Central mountain area parks
  • Horse Trails
  • Pocket Parks
  • Streetscapes/Woonerfs
  • Campgrounds
  • Retreats

When properly designed and constructed, parks and recreational facilities are the heart and soul of a community. They are the central gathering places that make a community livable. Parks should be well located and designed to meet the needs of the residents they serve. This takes a skilled and experienced team to understand just how to best develop these communities.

Communities benefit from excellent planning & design, appropriate plant material, lighting, pedestrian, parking, recreation opportunities, signage, effective irrigation, drainage and storm water systems. H&AI can work with you through all of these issues and more with our professional teams. .