Pasek Street & Jensen Street Waterline Replacement & Reconstruction

Oak Harbor, WA

Harmsen prepared a PS&E package for the SE Pasek Street and SE Jensen Street Waterline Replacement and the Waterloo Road Waterline Installation Projects.  The project involved the following work items:

  • Replacement of waterline in SE Pasek Street from SE 8th Avenue north to E Whidbey Avenue and in SE 2nd Court from SE Pasek Street to its terminus.  As part of the pavement repairs, SE Pasek was repaved from SE 4th Avenue to E Whidbey Avenue 
  • Replacement of waterline in SE Jensen Road from SE Pioneer Way to SE 8th Avenue; and the 
  • Modification of the previously designed, private waterline construction documents to conform to City of Oak Harbor construction document standards for the public installation of a waterline in Waterloo Road from Highway 20 east to the existing waterline in Waterloo Road.    

Civil Design - Both City and WSDOT standards were adhered to. HARMSEN performed preliminary and final engineering of:

  • 2,700 Lineal feet of water main in SE Pasek Street
  • 1,000 Lineal feet of road reconstruction in SE Pasek Street
  • 950 Lineal feet of water main in SE Jensen Street810 Lineal feet of water main in Waterloo Road

Surveying Work Items Included

  • Surveying and basemapping
  • Topographic mapping
  • Construction staking
  • Record drawings
Gallery: Pasek/Jensen
Pasek/Jensen Waterline
Pasek/Jensen Waterline
Watermain Replacement Plan
Pasek Connection
Pasek Connection
Pasek Street and SE Pionner Way Connection Detail
Roadway Sections
Roadway Sections
Typical Roadway Sections for Pasek Street
Crossing Detail
Crossing Detail
Water Crossing Detail of Navy Waterline and Gas line