We got our start doing residential work. We have consistently grown to become a premier residential surveying, land use planning, and civil engineering firm in Western Washington.

Residential developments, whether they are single family homes, development plats, rural clusters, condominiums, apartments or mixed use projects in rural to downtown urban areas, are often complex ventures. There are a variety of considerations when selecting a site including environmental rules, a host of regulatory issues and zoning challenges that can add significant cost to projects if you are not aware of current laws and best practices.

We are skilled at practices from simple boundary line surveys to helping developers and homeowners understand site limitations and constraints, environment regulations, local laws and permitting practices. We can help you with all aspects of developing a site from site selection through construction drawings.

We can show you the best way to lay out your site to maximizing the open area, take advantage of views or privacy, and help lower the expense of bringing water, sewer/septic and other utilities onto the property. Harmsen has provided services on many projects to help resolve property line disputes, adjustments, provide elevation certificates and ELOMAs, and provide coordination to resolve neighboring conflicts. Contact us today with your personal or investment property needs.