Susie's Trail

City of Sultan
Sultan, Washington

Harmsen was pleased to assemble and lead a team to design the addition of 1600 feet to Susie‚Äôs Trail, along with the refurbishment of the existing trail.  Susie's trail originates in River Park near Highway 2 in Sultan and now ends at Osprey Park.  This project was made possible by a grant the City of Sultan received from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program.

There were several environmental considerations for the project because of the presence of wetlands, its proximity to the Sultan River, and its location in areas previously occupied by the Skykomish tribe.  Therefore, the team was multi-faceted, consisting of:

Harmsen for land-use planning and permitting, surveying, and civil engineering design.
Tierra Right of Way for archeological and cultural resource identification.
Wetland Resources, Inc. for critical areas reconnaissance and delineation.
Associated Earth Sciences, Inc. for geotechnical analysis.

The resulting design consisted of resurfacing of existing trail top, creation of new trail sections, and the installation of a premanufactured bridge for a wetland crossing.  The trail was completed in the summer of 2019.  It is now much safer, more appealing, and more accessible to all those who want to enjoy the short trip between the two parks.