Why Should I Survey My Property?

A good survey equals good neighbors. Knowing where your property boundaries are, on the ground, can be invaluable. Imagine this: you hire a fence contractor to install a fence on your property; you meet the contractor on site and show the crew where you want the fence built. You head off to work and they begin. You get home from work, excited to see the progress on your fence. You are inspecting their work and here comes your neighbor and he/she does not look happy… You can see where this story is going.

As friendly as your neighbors are, people get protective when it comes to boundary lines. A survey will identify the shared boundary and the fence can be built on that line without question. Knowing where the boundary is prior to building the fence will avoid future conflicts and costly fence relocations.

If you are buying property, you should know whether your new neighbors are encroaching onto the property, or maybe the previous owner of the property you are buying was encroaching onto the neighbor’s property. You are unknowingly walking into an existing boundary dispute. This is basic due diligence that often is not practiced until disputes arise. For these reasons, it is also a good idea to have your property surveyed if you plan to sell. It is becoming more popular that a potential buyer wants a survey prior to purchase, which can sometimes hold up a sale. Have a survey completed and provide the map as part of your marketing material for potential buyers.

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