Flowing Lake Campground

Snohomish, WA
Services Provided:
Civil Engineering, Surveying, Wetland Services

Snohomish County Parks & Recreation

The project involved the upgrade of existing campsites, and an expansion to include 10 premium campsites. Harmsen assembled the project team, consisting of Harmsen civil engineering and land surveying, a wetland consultant, a landscape architect, a geotechnical consultant, and an electrical engineer.

At the start, the subject area was mapped for existing park features, wetlands, significant trees, and topographic features. Once wetland buffers were determined, candidate locations for the 10 new campsites were determined. Those locations were then vetted by the geotechnical consultant to ensure viability.

Harmsen engineering, the landscape architect, and the electrical engineer created the schematic design showing the layout of each campsite, conceptual electrical and water services, preliminary grading and drainage, and wetland mitigation. The team also prepared permit and bid documents. Finally, Harmsen and the electrical engineer performed the construction administration on behalf of the County.

The project was completed in 2017. Take a look at expanded facilities that are now available here.


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