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What sUAS offers

Our aerial surveying service is a full end-to-end solution where our FAA part 107 licensed sUAS pilots conduct the surveys, our technicians process all the data in-house, and then deliver actionable data to our clients in their desired format.

Our proprietary process ensures highly accurate and precise data at every step and our RTK equipped sUAS systems reduce the time needed for accurate geolocation. This enables Harmsen, LLC to quickly produce aerial surveys of even very large sites including topographic surveys, volumetric surveys, steep slope analysis, ALTA and as-built surveys, utility inspections, construction planning and monitoring and much more.

Aerial surveys can reduce the field time it takes to complete surveys of large, inaccessible sites and reduce the operational risks associated with having surveyors on a busy or dangerous site all while producing a more detailed and complete data set than traditional surveying methods alone.

harmsen, llc

Common aerial survey deliverables include:

High resolution ortho mosaic maps (survey grade accurate aerial imagery)

DEM (Digital elevation model)

DSM (Digital Surface Model - Includes structures and above ground data)

DTM (Digital Terrain model  - Ground level surface with all above ground features filtered out)

Classified 3D Point Clouds