Harmsen's engineers are dedicated to efficiency in design to minimize infrastructure costs and maximize our clients’ budgets.

Harmsen has practiced sustainable, low impact design for well over 25 years. Our company is passionate about creating useful places, that honor our quality of life. We base our company philosophy largely on the concept of treating the land and our clients with respect. We have gone so far as to certify and specially train our personnel in sustainable practices; including 2 LEED Accredited Professional Civil Engineers.

Our engineers are well versed in many areas of professional practice. We have experience and expertise in projects ranging from new multi-million dollar projects to designs for single family homes.

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Engineering services include:

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Administration/Management
  • Erosion Control
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Grading & Paving Plans
  • Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation Design
  • Peer Review
  • Plan Review
  • PS&E Development
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Site Design
  • Storm Drainage System Design
  • Stormwater Facilities
  • Sustainable Design
  • Trail, Parking, Sidewalks, Street & Road Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Water Systems